How to Manage Dry Skin Across Life Stages

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Dr. Tomson discusses how your skin needs can change throughout life and shares her top tips for how to take care of dry skin.

Dr. Tomson helps Michelina and Megan understand why their skin changes throughout life and gives them top tips on how to help take care of dry skin. They discuss how skin can dry out as you get older and the importance of using sun cream when you are younger to help prevent your skin drying out in older age.

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Top tips for taking care of dry skin across life stages:

  • Moisturise frequently to replace the reduced amount of natural oils in aging skin & limit overuse of soaps or hot baths that could further dry the skin
  • Moisturise more frequently if you take medication which can dry out the skin
  • Use products which are non-greasy, fast absorbing and that do no leave white marks on darker skin tones
  • Use a soap substitute for hand washing and apply hand cream straight after.
  • Use broad spectrum sun protection with SPF 30 to help prevent skin drying out in older age and the signs of aging.

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